Arkansans Oppose Issue 1. PARF Focused on November Defeat of Price-on-Life Amendment


From day one, this campaign has been laser-focused on defeating Issue 1, The Price on Life Amendment, at the ballot box. Our campaign is committed to winning this election. While the courts sort through this challenge, our fight to protect Arkansas families will continue. Issue 1, if passed, will place a government mandated, one-size fits all  value on human life in our state constitution, and it will put more power in the hands of the corrupt political powers in the legislative swamp. Arkansans can trust their neighbors on local juries to be honest and fair long before they can corrupt politicians and their cronies. While investigations, indictments and corruption continues at the capitol, Arkansans understand that Issue 1 must be stopped because putting a fixed price on any life is always wrong. We are committed to waging a vigorous campaign that delivers a big win for the people over the politicians in November.