Arkansas caretaker pleads guilty to murder in biting attack of 92-year-old

By Brandon Riddle

Sandefur was attacked in her home by Collins, who had been hired as her caregiver, on May 11, 2017, according to authorities. She was discovered by her son and was able to tell emergency responders that Collins had hit her and beaten her, the release states.

Police say Sandefur also suffered “multiple bite wounds.” The 92-year-old later succumbed to complications from pneumonia, which was reportedly brought on by the attack.

Arkansas Proposed Amendment Puts a Price Tag on Life

BRose Mimms

Issue One would put an arbitrary cap of $500,000 on non-economic and caps punitive damages. In real life this means that if a 40 year old successful business man is killed negligently then his life could be worth millions because you could calculate his current earnings and multiply them out for the future. If a stay at home mom, a child or infant, a retired veteran, an individual with Down Syndrome or other genetic disorder who isn’t employed or a nursing home resident who dies as a result of abuse or someone else’s error or negligence then those lives are all capped at a value never to exceed $500,000. The jury simply can’t award a family more, even if it wanted to do so. Think of your loved ones, would you ever put a price tag on their lives?