Protect AR Families Origins

For two years, Protect AR Families fought hard in opposition to the special interest amendment: 2018’s Issue One. Our coalition included faith-based groups, community organizations, legal rights advocates, and Arkansans from all backgrounds. This amendment was designed to give special treatment to these special interests while stripping the rights of every day Arkansans. While Issue One failed, the same special interest groups are gearing up at the State Capitol, pushing their self-serving legislation that will chip away at our freedoms. Protect AR Families remains vigilant to stop their efforts.

Protect AR Families Today

Realizing that special interests would be back, and the fight was not yet over, Protect AR Families continued its mission by becoming a watchdog for dangerous legislation and unjust initiatives in our state. Join us and help defend the value of life in Arkansas and our constitutional rights including access to the American Justice System. Stop the powerful interests that would rig the system against the rest of us.

Protect Arkansas Families is prepared to fight any legislation that forces voters to put a price on life while removing our right to a citizen jury trial unencumbered by government mandates.