MIKE MASTERSON: The size of a lifetime

Price of life

It was predictable that lawyers would be lining up to file civil actions seeking at least $100 million against the owner of the duck boat that sank in a storm on Missouri's Table Rock Lake two weeks ago. Seventeen of the 31 aboard died, including four children and five other members from one Indiana family.

What were their lives worth? If Issue 1 as proposed on Arkansas' November ballot was law in Missouri, an arbitrary price tag of $500,000 would be imposed on the value of the life of every child and person lost in the tragedy. Our trial-by-jury system basically would be rigged since jurors would no longer be able to evaluate the egregiousness of the conduct. The artificial limit set by Issue 1 would apply to all, regardless of age or occupation.

As basically common-sense folks, I believe our voters will continue to trust Arkansas jurors to decide these important issues, rather than politicians and the special interests who influence them. A one-size-fits-all price tag on the value of human life is immoral and shameful.

Arkansans Oppose Issue 1. PARF Focused on November Defeat of Price-on-Life Amendment

From day one, this campaign has been laser-focused on defeating Issue 1, The Price on Life Amendment, at the ballot box. Our campaign is committed to winning this election. While the courts sort through this challenge, our fight to protect Arkansas families will continue. Issue 1, if passed, will place a government mandated, one-size fits all  value on human life in our state constitution, and it will put more power in the hands of the corrupt political powers in the legislative swamp. Arkansans can trust their neighbors on local juries to be honest and fair long before they can corrupt politicians and their cronies. While investigations, indictments and corruption continues at the capitol, Arkansans understand that Issue One must be stopped because putting a fixed price on any life is always wrong. We are committed to waging a vigorous campaign that delivers a big win for the people over the politicians in November.

Arkansas caretaker pleads guilty to murder in biting attack of 92-year-old

By Brandon Riddle

Sandefur was attacked in her home by Collins, who had been hired as her caregiver, on May 11, 2017, according to authorities. She was discovered by her son and was able to tell emergency responders that Collins had hit her and beaten her, the release states.

Police say Sandefur also suffered “multiple bite wounds.” The 92-year-old later succumbed to complications from pneumonia, which was reportedly brought on by the attack.

Nurse charged in death of former Trump adviser’s father


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A nurse was charged Thursday in the death of the father of President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser after authorities said she failed to give him a series of neurological exams following his fall at a Philadelphia senior care facility...

The 84-year-old retired U.S. Army officer died April 13, about eight hours after falling and hitting his head at the Cathedral Village retirement community.

Surveillance video showed that Gainey, who worked as a contract nurse at Cathedral Village, failed to conduct a series of eight neurological evaluations of McMaster as required, prosecutors said. Gainey then allegedly falsified documents to make it seem she had.

Former Arkansas senator gets 18 months in prison in fraud case

By Dave Hughes

Former state senator Jake Files was sentenced Monday to 18 months in federal prison and was ordered to pay more than $83,000 in restitution on wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering charges.

Files pleaded guilty in January to wire fraud and money laundering for misdirecting nearly $27,000 in state General Improvement Fund money from a baseball-softball complex project he was involved in building for Fort Smith and using the money for personal purposes.

Click here for more: http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2018/jun/18/former-arkansas-senator-gets-18-months-prison-frau/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=midday-6-18-18&utm_content=midday-6-18-18+CID_5f9c8e1de26e968a84943385126c66f6&utm_source=Email%20Marketing%20Platform&utm_term=Former%20Arkansas%20senator%20gets%2018%20months%20in%20prison%20in%20fraud%20case

Own your actions

by Mike Masterson

Isn't it remarkable what a difference it makes when all of us are held directly accountable for our actions? Sounds like a work ethic.

Price of life

The unnecessary ballot initiative known as Issue 1 will be ballyhooed with big media buys until November. So prepare yourselves, valued readers.

I've always been against this latest move to limit jury awards for the most vulnerable victims, most certainly to include residents of nursing homes, thereby favoring those responsible for their injuries and neglect. I'm hoping the good people of our state will turn out come November to roundly defeat the idea of capping damage and contingency fees in civil suits, thereby limiting unrestricted access of our most financially disadvantaged to the halls of justice.

Some who oppose Issue 1 call it the "Price of Life Amendment." By approving this unnecessary effort, special interests hope to move the authority to create rules to the Legislature (picture former legislators' scandals regarding both nursing homes and GIF grant corruption), where the Senate and House could change or eliminate current rules in favor of their politicized versions.