Own your actions

by Mike Masterson

Isn't it remarkable what a difference it makes when all of us are held directly accountable for our actions? Sounds like a work ethic.

Price of life

The unnecessary ballot initiative known as Issue 1 will be ballyhooed with big media buys until November. So prepare yourselves, valued readers.

I've always been against this latest move to limit jury awards for the most vulnerable victims, most certainly to include residents of nursing homes, thereby favoring those responsible for their injuries and neglect. I'm hoping the good people of our state will turn out come November to roundly defeat the idea of capping damage and contingency fees in civil suits, thereby limiting unrestricted access of our most financially disadvantaged to the halls of justice.

Some who oppose Issue 1 call it the "Price of Life Amendment." By approving this unnecessary effort, special interests hope to move the authority to create rules to the Legislature (picture former legislators' scandals regarding both nursing homes and GIF grant corruption), where the Senate and House could change or eliminate current rules in favor of their politicized versions.