A doctor removed her ovaries because they were ‘in the way.’ Her family says it led to her death.

By Marwa Eltagouri

The removal of her ovaries never came up during her surgery consultations.

Lucinda Methuen-Campbell was considering treatment for a bowel disorder at the Spire Hospital in Bristol, England, in 2016. A surgeon there, Anthony Dixon, had gained international recognition for fixing patients’ bowel problems with vaginal mesh implants. Methuen-Campbell went ahead with the surgery — and was shocked to learn afterward that Dixon had removed her ovaries.

She asked him why.

“He said he thought he’d done me a favor. And he said, ‘I thought you know, a woman of your age wouldn’t really need her ovaries,’ ” Methuen-Campbell told the BBC.

“I said, ‘Why did you remove them?’ and he just said, ‘They were in the way,’ ” she said. “My life is absolutely ruined.”