Take Action with Voter Circle!

If you want to protect our community and way of life, please join as a digital canvasser to make sure everyone in your inner circle learns about what's at stake if Issue 1 passes this November. 

By becoming a digital canvasser and joining our campaign to stop Issue 1 you'll have access to our friend-to-friend outreach tool. It's easy to use, will take less than 10 minutes and won't cost you a cent. It quickly notifies you of who in your email contacts can vote and enables only you to email them about Issue 1. Your contacts are kept private. PARF does not have access to any of your contacts’ information such as email or phone numbers.

Thank you for supporting our campaign to stop Issue 1. It's only by working together that we'll be able to stop special interests and Little Rock politicians from passing ballot measure Issue 1 that only benefits them while putting our families, community, veterans and the elderly at risk.