A nursing home chain grows too fast and collapses, and elderly and disabled residents pay the price

By Laura Strickler, Stephanie Gosk and Shelby Hanssen

 Within six months of Skyline's entry into the Arkansas market in 2015, the state's attorney general was investigating reports of neglect in Skyline facilities.

Marcela Watkins, who visited her mother daily in Spring Place Health and Rehab in Little Rock, said the food went downhill once Skyline took over. She recalled staff serving raw vegetables and boxed pizza to elderly patients.

"It's a money-making business," she said. "And guess who doesn't get the care? Our loved ones."

Karen Coats's 57-year-old brother Donny Owens fell at another Skyline Arkansas facility in 2017, heavily bruising his face. She said he laid on the floor for 45 minutes before staff found him.

Coats said staffing was a "revolving door" and that she frequently complained, though little changed.